Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes Criminal Defense Attorney in Delaware

Probably more than any other criminal charge, the mere accusation of a sex crime can irreparably harm a person's reputation, family life and employment. False accusations do occur, and they can have a devastating emotional impact. Of all crimes, sexual offenses are among the most vigorously prosecuted by law enforcement, and Delaware's sex crime laws are as strict as any in the country. 

A sex crime is an illegal act of a sexual nature as defined by the state and federal government; people who are convicted of sex crimes are required to register as “sex offenders.”   In Delaware, any conviction for a sexual offense not only involves the real possibility of a jail sentence, but also triggers registration requirements under Delaware’s version of Megan's Law. These reporting requirements can affect where (and with whom) you are permitted to live, where you are permitted to travel, and where you are able to obtain an education or maintain employment.  Convictions in certain cases require lifetime registration/reporting requirements in Delaware.  The Sex Offender Registry is accessible to the public, which means that employers, co-workers, landlords, educational facilities, family members, friends and neighbors will be able to obtain this information. 

If you or someone you know has been accused of a sex crime, it’s crucial that you get legal representation from an experienced, dedicated attorney you can trust.  Due to the life-altering legal consequences that are involved, it’s always in a person’s best interest to obtain the services of a criminal defense attorney who has the legal background and knowledge it takes to successfully fight sex crime charges. 


"Sex crimes are among the most serious in the books, and convictions often carry mandatory jail sentences. Because so much is at stake, having an experienced, aggressive attorney on your side can make all the difference. I understand the state and federal laws, rules and procedures that apply when a client is charged with sexually related criminal offenses. I have the experience and the resources to fully investigate and zealously defend these charges. I’ll make sure that your constitutional rights are protected, and my legal team will do everything possible to ensure the best possible resolution of your case."

John Deckers has successfully prosecuted and defended sex offense charges for more than twenty six years, and can provide skilled legal representation in all types of cases alleging sexual allegations, including the following:

Areas of expertise

  • Indecent Exposure

  • Obscenity

  • Prostitution/Solicitation

  • Rape/Statutory Rape 

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Unlawful Sexual Contact

  • Unlawful Sexual Penetration

  • Sex Offender Registration / Failure to Register 

“An informed, detailed criminal defense can make an effective difference between a jail sentence and a dismissed charge. If you have been charged, or if you believe you are under investigation, it's important to retain legal counsel immediately and begin preparing your defense. My office provides an aggressive defense for our clients. We seek the dismissal of charges, reduced charges, treatment and other alternatives to jail that serve the long-term needs of our clients – like house arrest, work release, community service, etc.

I will listen to you with an open mind; I will take the time to thoroughly research the allegations and the facts; I will investigate all possible defenses. Frequently, I will retain the services of experts in the area of sex offender testing and assessments; I’ll also use polygraph tests when appropriate and desirable. At every step, my office works to obtain the best possible outcome of the criminal case and to minimize the impact a sex offense allegation has on your life, your future and your freedom.”

If you or someone you know is facing sex crimes charges, call Delaware Criminal Defense Lawyer John Deckers at (302) 656-9850.