Drug Offenses

New Castle County Drug Crime Defense Attorney

Since Delaware is centrally located between many large cities on the east coast, particular attention is paid to the transportation of illegal substances along the I-95 corridor, as well as to the distribution of drugs throughout the Delaware region.  At any given moment, multiple police departments, task forces and other law enforcement agencies have ongoing operations and investigations.  Even though lawmakers have greatly reduced the penalties for possession of small amounts of narcotics, marijuana and other illegal substances, anyone caught in the net of law enforcement on drug charges is still facing a serious legal situation.  No drug arrest should be handled without a skilled criminal defense lawyer fighting on your behalf. 

We represent clients who need effective criminal defense in drug crime matters. We handle state and federal cases including drug conspiracies, drug felonies, drug sales or transportation, and simple drug possession.


“An important aspect of any drug crime defense is to ensure that your rights as a Delaware/U.S. citizen were not violated. I explore all details of the police procedure. When your rights have been violated, I’ll file a motion to suppress any statement or evidence that was illegally obtained. Evidence that was obtained by the police in violation of your constitutional rights will be excluded from trial. I’m prepared to review and evaluate your case and to advise you of your options.”

Effective criminal defense can mean the difference between a jail sentence and a dismissed charge. If you have been charged, or if you believe you are under investigation, it's important to retain legal counsel immediately and begin preparing your defense. We provide aggressive defense for our clients. We seek the dismissal of charges, reduced charges, drug treatment, and other alternatives to jail that serve the long-term needs of our clients – like house arrest, work release, community service, etc.

Contact Wilmington Drug Crime Defense Attorney John Deckers if you have been arrested and charged with any drug offense in Delaware. 

In Delaware, a drug conviction stays on a person's record for life, with few exceptions.  Drug charges can carry severe penalties, including extended prison sentences, lengthy and restrictive probation, excessive fines, etc.  A permanent criminal record could follow you for life and could prevent you from getting a job in many public service fields, including law enforcement.  Mandatory minimum periods of incarceration in a State Correctional Facility or Federal Detention Center apply when an individual is convicted of trafficking or selling narcotics in excess of certain quantities. Additional mandatory sentences apply when a firearm is involved in connection with Possession with Intent to Deliver (PWID) narcotics and other drugs, regardless of the quantity.  A misdemeanor or drug conviction can have other far reaching consequences, depending upon the circumstances of your case, including loss of educational and employment opportunities.

If you or someone you know is facing drug charges, call Delaware Criminal Defense Lawyer John Deckers at (302) 656-9850.  John and his staff will provide you with the aggressive, professional legal services you need and deserve.