Assaults & Related Offenses

Wilmington Delaware Assault Defense Attorney

In Delaware, a crime is committed when a person 

  • Intentionally or recklessly makes unwanted physical contact with another person, regardless of whether injury actually occurs, or

  • Intentionally places another in fear of immediate physical injury or death, or

  • Engages in a pattern of behavior intended to harass, annoy, embarrass or alarm another person

John Deckers routinely represents individuals ACCUSED OF the following crimes: 

  • Assault

  • Offensive Touching

  • Harassment

  • Menacing

  • Reckless Endangering

  • Terroristic Threatening

Depending upon the severity of the threatening or assaultive behavior, the case may be charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor.  If a weapon or serious physical injury is involved, the case will always be charged as a felony.


“If you are convicted of assault or related behavior, either by a guilty plea or a verdict following a trial, the court may impose a period of incarceration, probation, “no contact” orders, a fine and restitution. You will also be required to participate in one or more of the following treatment programs: domestic violence counseling, anger management classes, mental health and/or substance abuse treatment programs. In addition, some convictions make it difficult to find a job, gain admittance to schools or universities, purchase a firearm or lease an apartment. If you are convicted of felony assault with a weapon, you will serve a lengthy prison term.”

In Delaware, a criminal conviction stays on a person’s record for life, with few exceptions.

Due to the severity of these consequences, it is imperative that the circumstances surrounding the assault charges be thoroughly investigated.  Did you act in self-defense? Were you defending others? Were you defending your property? Did you sustain injuries? Did you start the initial argument? Was the conduct either voluntary or “mutual” combat? Did you call the police to report the crime?  Were you properly disciplining a child?

Before any case goes to trial, our team will fully discover the facts, circumstances and evidence in the case, and will explore every possible defense and interview every possible helpful witness so that we may aggressively and zealously defend our clients against these charges.  Witnesses are the key to a more successful outcome in any criminal matter. Our firm continues to emphasize the importance of a prompt investigation, the identification of favorable witnesses, and the discrediting of the State's witnesses.

If you or someone you know is facing assault, terroristic threatening, harassment or related charges, call Delaware Criminal Defense Lawyer John Deckers at (302) 656-9850.  John and his staff will provide you with the aggressive, professional legal services you need and deserve.