Acts Resulting in Death

Murder, Vehicular Homicide & Criminally Negligent Homicide

Murder, attempted murder, and homicide are among the most serious criminal accusations in Delaware, and those types of cases generate widespread reaction and public opinion.  For any one of these charges, a person's liberty and reputation are jeopardized.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for murder, attempted murder, or homicide, every decision is life-altering.  In order to properly prepare a defense, crucial decisions need to be made early on in the process.  It’s important to immediately consult with and promptly retain an experienced, dedicated attorney you can trust.  In order to defend against these charges, an aggressive investigative and legal team needs to immediately devote their time, experience, judgment and maximum effort for their client. 


"No other case can compare to the defense of a client charged with murder, attempted murder, manslaughter or homicide. Handling these cases requires not only skill and experience, but the ability to separate the emotional issues from the factual and legal issues."

Before any case goes to trial, our team will fully discover the facts, circumstances and evidence in the case.  We'll explore every possible defense and interview every possible helpful witness so that we may aggressively and zealously defend our clients against these charges.  Witnesses are usually the key to a more successful outcome in any criminal matter. Our firm continues to emphasize the importance of a prompt investigation, the identification of favorable witnesses and the discrediting of the State's witnesses.

John Deckers has represented clients ACCUSED OF the following crimes: 

  • Murder in the First Degree (death penalty and non-death penalty cases)

  • Murder in the Second Degree

  • Murder By Abuse or Neglect

  • Criminally Negligent Homicide

  • Vehicular Homicide

If you or someone you know is facing Murder, Vehicular Homicide or Criminally Negligent Homicide charges in Delaware, call Delaware Criminal Defense Attorney John Deckers at (302) 656-9850.  John and his staff will provide you with the aggressive, professional legal services you need and deserve.